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Just drop us a line, if you want to consider working together. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Just drop us a line, if you want to consider working together. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Just drop us a line, if you want to consider working together. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.


WM2A Architects has been chosen to lead the design team for the new Northeast High School and the new Appling Middle School - both in Macon, GA !

Our Staff

The professional staff of WM2A Architects provide design solutions that are exciting, useful, and cost-effective. We are eager to assist on your next project !

Trey Wood


Trey Wood, AIA, LEED AP

I'm based in the
Macon, GA office.

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Bill McLees


Bill McLees, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

I'm based in the
Macon, GA office.

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David Selby


David Selby, AIA

I'm based in the
Macon, GA office.

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Yancey Powers


Yancey Powers, AIA, LEED AP

I'm based in the
Hillsville, VA office.

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With each project and client, WM2A strives to take a fair and balanced approach to each the myriad of issues that a project may entail. Contracts define responsibilities, roles, and consideration.

WM2A has a deep commitment to provide outstanding overall service from start to finish. We devote quality time to listen and understand what our clients goals are and what they expect from us in return. We walk and guide them through the entire design and construction process to ensure that we deliver a quality and sustainable design that will serve our clients today and in the future. We implement rigid quality control procedures throughout the project, and we are committed to excellence in all aspects of project delivery whether it is design, cost control, schedule adherence, contract production for construction phases.


WM2A has LEED accredited architects that are committed to setting an example for responsible designs that speaks to the possibilities of energy conservation and sustainability. Recognizing the significance of the partnership between architect and client, WM2A seeks to meet the functional needs, financial restraints, and the external factors of a project that allows for the most creative, productive, and feasible design solutions.

LEED Projects

WM2A strives to design a sustainable and environmentally healthy facility that helps the client improve the quality life of their occupants and their communities.

The following LEED projects have recently been completed:

  • Company Headquarters #25714 Fort Gordon COF, LEED Silver
  • Dorm 903, LEED Silver
  • Blacksburg Rescue Squad, LEED Silver (in construction)

WM2A Architects firmly believes in the value of sustainable design. It is our desire to facilitate integration of sustainable design principles that are compatible with your goals and budget.

Project Approach

A significant part of the explanation of our firm's history must discuss our evolving skill set. WM2A is the recent combination of a 30 year old firm and a 50 year old firm, and we have 4 office locations. But more than that, we are a service organization with a very competent set of skills and leadership. The description of our skills history requires the introduction of a few acronyms:

  • Building Information Modeling - BIM
  • Integrated Project Delivery - IPD
  • LEAN

What separates WM2A from our competitors is our METHOD which employs BIM+IPD+LEAN:


In September of 2009, WM2A began a LEAN journey. LEAN is the application of the Toyota Production System in the design/construction industry. LEAN is IPD on steroids. LEAN recognizes the value of collaboration and employs a systematic set of tools toward eliminating waste in the design/construction process. The elimination of avoidable waste allows a focused investment of scarce resources (time, dollars, materials and creativity) toward enhancing value for the Owner.

The WMA team has employed several Lean tools to date on 15 projects including: Pull Planning, Work Registers/Constraint Logs, 5 Why analysis, A3 documentation, Plus/Delta, Hot Topics, Set-based solutions, Biweekly Team Check-in calls, Consensus Doc 300 agreements, Design and Construction Retrospectives, Big Room meetings, CBA analysis, and Target Value design.

Building Information Modeling

Since the firm's inception, WM2A has focused on serving our clients and maximizing value brought to their projects. WM2A was the first A/E firm in Middle Georgia to utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) after making the transition in October 2004. With one exception while working with an international design firm, 100% of our projects since then have been developed exclusively in BIM. Now a decade later, not only is our firm adept in the use of this technology; but we have also assembled a complete architecture/interior design/ engineering team capable of delivering robust BIM models inclusive of architecture, interior design, structure, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

Integrated Project Delivery

Intelligently implemented, robust BIM modeling, coupled with decision-making leadership forms the basis for an Integrated Project Delivery system (IPD).

IPD Goals:

  • Owner – Enhanced
  • Architect - Facilitate Decision Process
  • Contractor - Early involvement and Project Understanding

This integrated model is a design tool that offers enhanced value for our clients in several areas:

  • Improved communication through enhanced visualization imagery
  • Greater information delivered earlier in the development process
  • Affords for a better coordinated set of construction drawings
  • Improves constructors understanding of the design intent, Reduced errors = cost savings
  • Allows integrated model sharing
  • Enhances phasing understanding and cost estimating, fewer gaps = better cost control
  • Eliminates waste and redundancy

The net result of Integrated BIM, or Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is the delivery of better communication tools, delivered earlier in the life of the project, affording better and more effective decision making by the team, all while delivering a better set of documents to the constructors to build…better, faster, cheaper…delivering value to our clients.

WM2A Architects

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