Bank of Dudley

Bank of Dudley Downtown Branch

LocationDublin, GA
BuilderDublin Construction Company

Project Info

The newly renovated Bank of Dudley unifies four downtown buildings. The one-story building on the corner was first constructed in the 1890s, destroyed later by fire, and then reconstructed. The other three buildings were constructed later, and each has had a history of occupants during the twentieth century.

The Bank of Dudley opened in downtown Dublin in 1987 and gradually grew into the other buildings. In 2016, the bank acquired the last of the buildings from local attorney Scott Thompson.

Throughout the multi-year expansion of the bank, WM2A Architects provided design assistance. This culminated in 2016 as planning began to completely unify the four buildings. The exterior facades were reworked to establish a single character for the formerly disassociated buildings. The interior was also modified to improve customer flow and to allow the bank staff to function more efficiently.