Center for Innovative Learning

CIL Simlab
CIL Simlab
CIL simlab

Center for Innovative Learning

LocationMacon, GA
Size2,000 SF
ClientMedical Center – Navicent Health
BuilderWarren Associates

Project Info

“The Center will improve individual clinical skills and team-based communications, resulting in a reduction of medical errors,” MCCG Chief Academic Officer Dr. Marcia B. Hutchinson said. “The Center provides an interactive environment utilizing the concept of show me how you would respond to a specific patient scenario, rather than tell me.” The center is comprised of five rooms: a general classroom with a dozen work stations equipped with modules for specialized learning and analysis; a virtual reality room for laparoscopic surgery; two individual procedure rooms; and a patient simulator room.

“This is a non-threatening environment in which to learn management of critical situations in the intensive care unit, the emergency center or the operating room,” Hutchinson said. “This is an environment that promotes patient safety because learners perform to a certain level of proficiency before taking a procedure or therapies to the patient’s bedside. It is not about the patient simulator, but about the curriculum.”