College of Arts and Sciences

New Organ Installation

Location Milledgeville, GA
Size128,000 GSF
ClientGeorgia College & State University
BuilderWilliams & Associates

Project Info

The College of Arts and Sciences building at Georgia College & State University houses space for six schools within the College. As the university’s website says, “The College of Arts and Sciences provides the focus for the university’s statewide liberal arts mission.” Much of the core program of GCSU is taught within this facility. These programs include humanities; behavioral and social sciences; and biological and mathematical sciences.

The building features five tiered classrooms equipped for distance learning. There is also a 300-seat auditorium that can both originate and receive distance learning programming. In addition, there is an interior courtyard with tables and benches to support student interaction. The courtyard also allows students to walk “through” the building following a path that was popular when the building site was still an open area.

Because of a poor economy at the time of bidding, the project bid significantly under budget. This allowed our design team to make major improvements to the GCSU central campus energy plant which supports this building among others.