New Organ Installation

New Organ Installation

LocationMacon, GA
SizeExisting chancel
ClientVineville United Methodist Church
BuilderWarren Associates

Project Info

WM2A Architects worked carefully with Goulding & Wood, the builders of this organ. This 59 rank organ installation became Opus 48 for the Indianapolis-based company.

WM2A worked with the organ builder to coordinate the design of the visible portions of the organ so that it would complement the church’s newly-renovated chancel. We also worked with our structural consultant to provide reinforcement and other modifications to the pipe chamber located behind the exposed pipe case.

In addition to the organ installation, WM2A Architects worked with Vineville church staff and with acoustical engineer, David Egan, to develop the chancel so that it could be used to enhance worship in multiple configurations. All chancel furniture and some dividing partitions are removable. This allows the organ console to be relocated. It also allows two grand pianos to be installed on the platform. There are also possible chancel configurations to support weddings and funerals, communion services, and drama presentations.